Tom Whiting and Aniela met with Mazarrón mayoress Alicia Jiménez Hernández on Monday, 4th December, in a bid to restore the urbanisation’s streetlights following a 783-signature petition. Mazarrón council is now set to visit Camposol next week to survey the area and estimate how much it will cost to fix the problem.

Tom and Aniela are creating a colour-coded map of all four sectors, highlighting the streets without working streetlights. Red signifies a missing lamppost, while orange denotes a non-working lamppost, and yellow indicates a combination of both working and non-working lampposts.

Sector representatives are as follows:

Sector A   Chris Bye
Sector B   Sheila Richardson
Sector C   Aniela and Tom Whiting
Sector D   Tony Buckett (via Linda Buckett)

Please contact your sector’s representative to inform them of your street’s status so that they can update the map accordingly.

  1. We have street lamps but not switch on it fact it’s pitch black around here d7

  2. Calle Berchules D 15 no street lights at all

  3. D32 Calle Hernan Valle, lights worked for a couple of years before they were switched off.

  4. We are on D24 Calle Pampaneira and have had no street lights for over 2 years. It’s absolutely pitch black

  5. D22 is in complete darkness.
    Although has street lights.

  6. D16 no lights on side roads and as before some were not working

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