Alicia Jiménez accompanied Jesús Artero on his visit to the facilities

The Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, via the Regional Entity for Sanitation and Sewage Treatment, have awarded 775,039 euros to refurbish and improve Camposol’s wastewater treatment plant.

Alicia Jiménez, mayor of Mazarrón, accompanied Jesús Artero, manager of the Regional Entity for Sanitation and Sewage Treatment, on his visit to the facilities. During the meeting, the mayor confirmed that the Council will bolster the investment with an additional contribution of 400,000 euros included in the Aqualia Water Sanitation Plan to erect a pumping station on Sector D, as well as two other areas on the urbanisation.

Camposol’s wastewater treatment plant

Annually, the plant will treat a volume of 292,059 cubic metres and serve a population of around 3,500 inhabitants. The proceedings have already begun and the project is due to be completed within the next seven months.

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  1. It’s just a pity the CRA had to bring in the Guardia Civil (seprona) to threaten the TH and CHS with denunciation and fines to make things happen, follow the thread on CRA sewage outages to see what has been happening behind the screens.

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