Summer is almost over if last week’s weather is anything to go by, but there’s still plenty of entertainment to be found in and around Mazarrón over the next seven days.

Monday, 4th September 2017

Forget Me Not are holding a book and DVD sale between 11:00 and 13:00 today at Camposol’s Cultural Centre.

This evening, Diversity Golf Club on Condado de Alhama are holding a Google Quiz at 20:00 where the quickest to answer wins, and Retro are playing songs from the sixties to the present day at Oscar’s Bar from 21:00.

Over at La Majada’s fiesta, there are table games and a brisca tournament at 22:00, and at the Casas Consistoriales in Mazarrón, there’s a lecture on the mining tragedy in Mazarrón at 21:30.

Tuesday, 5th September 2017

The Camposol Triangle comprises Alley Palais, Bar Salud, Trevi, Rudy’s and Ocean Fish Bar

Singer Chloe Leigh is taking you on a musical journey through the decades at The Camposol Triangle tonight from 21:00, and at La Majada’s fiesta, there are table games at 22:00, along with a pachisi and poker tournament.

At 21:30, there’s a lecture on the inauguration of the Consistorial Houses of Mazarrón at the Casas Consistoriales.

Wednesday, 6th September 2017

Age Concern Costa Cálida are holding their Black & White Ball at Bar la Sal from 19:30, and at 21:00, it’s Quiz Night at Cat’s Bar.

Meanwhile, at La Majada’s fiesta, the villagers are decorating the showground at 20:00, and then there are table games at 22:00.

Thursday, 7th September 2017

The Vista Bar are holding their weekly Quiz & Curry Night this evening from 18:00, and it’s Karaoke Night with Bernie Mac at Cat’s Bar from 21:00.

Rock and pop duo Jacuzzi are playing at The Camposol Triangle at 21:00, and on Sector C, The Club House have their weekly Thursday Evening Jam Night at 21:30.

The Condado Club on Condado de Alhama are holding a night of ska with Martin Kay from 21:00, and at 21:30, there’s a lecture on artisans and industrialists of the nineteenth century at the Casas Consistoriales.

The Condado Club are holding a night of ska with Martin Kay on Thursday

At La Majada’s fiesta, there’s a speech at 22:00, followed by an award ceremony at 22:30 and a performance by David Andreu at 23:00.

Friday, 8th September 2017

Today is a local holiday in Lorca, so be mindful of that if you are planning on visiting.

Food is served at 14:00 at La Majada’s fiesta, and then it’s mass at 18:00. There’s a dance performance by groups El Salitre and De Rosa Playas de Percheles at 22:00, a cooking competition at 23:30, and then the night ends with a DJ set by DJ Little Nookie at 00:30.

ABBA-Solutely Fabulous are performing at the final The Camposol Triangle of the season from 21:00, while Guitar Heroes are rocking out at Party on the Plaza at 21:00, too.

Guitar Heroes are rocking out at Party on the Plaza on Friday

There’s a disco with Big Don at the Black Bull from 18:30, and Bar Retro are holding a Quiz Night at 21:00.

Illusionist Dania Díaz is performing at Diversity Golf Club from 21:00, along with DJ Silver Fox from 19:00, and at 21:30, there’s a performance by Maxi Garcés at the Casas Consistoriales.

Saturday, 9th September 2017

Food is served at La Majada’s fiesta at 12:00, shortly followed by another cooking competition at 13:00. At 18:30, there’s a crazy car race, and then a photocall and a performance by Al Relente at 22:00. DJ Little Nookie ends the night’s festivities with music from 01:00.

Fish Can’t Whistle are playing at Bar Retro from 14:30, followed by a jam session and open mic afternoon at 15:30.

Jokers, Inc. are performing at Cat’s Bar and Tel’s Bar on Saturday

Elton John tribute artist Elton Ron is performing at Party on the Plaza from 21:00, and The Geckos are playing once again at Oscar’s Bar, also from 21:00.

Four-piece band Jokers, Inc. are performing a mixture of rock, pop and blues at Cat’s Bar & Tel’s Bar from 21:00, while at The Club House, it’s Roxy’s Variety Show at 21:00 with songs from the 50s to the present day.

Sunday, 10th September 2017

There’s a classic car show at La Majada’s fiesta from 10:00 this morning, and then a giant paella at 14:00. At 15:00, there’s a baking competition, followed by a dog show at 16:00, an award ceremony at 20:00, a performance by Ciudad Canalla at 21:00 and a chocolate feast at 22:00 to mark the end of the fiesta.

It’s Quiz Night this evening at the Black Bull from 20:00, The Condado Club from 20:30 and Cat’s Bar from 21:00.

There’s a car boot sale taking place at Mesón Mariano’s car park between 10:30 and 13:00, and Highway 61 are performing at The Blues House from 18:00.

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  1. Saturday afternoon at bar Retro. El Pareton from 2-30 pm folk duo fish can’t whistle. And open mic ,jam session. Lots of great local talent. Air con and food served all day

    1. Thanks, June! We’ll add it now 😊

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