Camposol residents Robert and Patricia Smith have won the auction to repurchase their home after they were mis-sold their property over a decade ago.

Ahead of the auction, Robert and Patricia launched a fundraising campaign to help raise money towards their plight, which resulted in a total of 2,475 euros.

Happily, the property sold for less than half the price the couple were advised, and they’ve managed to repurchase their Sector D home for roughly 11,000 euros.

  1. Great news on the couple’s home.what a great new years present.very happy for them 😀

  2. So pleased for them after all they’ve been through. Still a disgraceful thing to have happened hopefully this is a wakeup call for all residents here against this totally corrupt country. We wish them all the best and hopefully they can now have the life they expected.

  3. Good news.
    On a different matter can I please ask who is running Camposol online?

    1. Hi, Michael! I’m Hannah, and I run this website. Is there anything I can help you with? 🙂

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